Crafting with precise
attention to detail for

Our highly experienced team has worked with us over the years, and many times over generations of the family are working with us bringing continuity, expertise and quality to our entire collection.

Whilst each piece of diamond, whether bespoke or not, is given a certain number of hours in our workshop production schedule, from planning to final polishing. With an obsessive attention to detail, and a passion for creating the most beautiful diamonds in the world, our manufacturing capabilities blend with our highly skilled, talented craftsmen to produce diamonds for a global audience.

Our Advantage


The key differentiating advantage of Dharmanandan Diamonds is that we cover all the processes from manufacturing to selling. This saves time and costs as our customer deal with the manufacturer directly. By playing multiple roles of Manufacturer, Stock keeper, Wholesaler, Retailer, Online seller and many more have kept us one step ahead of the competition. Main take away for our customers is getting quality diamonds at a reasonable price.

With a distribution network spanning the globe, technology at the helm of creation of impeccable quality diamonds, certification from global bodies, ethical diamonds and best process principals have made us the first choice of diamond suppliers to brands world over.

Why Choose Us

There are reasons for selecting us.


Quality we Prove and Improve.

  • Continuous innovation in technology and business processes.

  • Grading as per the most transparent standards.

  • Committed to deliver the best

  • No compromise on quality throughout the manufacturing operation.


Impeccable Customer Service.

  • Our real diamonds are our customers, who happily talk about our quality, ethical standards and services.

  • The smile of a satisfied customer is more valuable to us than the sparkle of a diamond. You will find the warmth of Indian hospitality in all aspects of our customer service.


Timely Deliverables.

  • We are committed to ship your product to your premises within 3 working days under normal circumstances.

  • You can track your order from our website at any time.

  • Our integrated, software enables interlinking across factories, offices and markets. It tracks and informs about inventory, process times and imminent client demand, giving us the ability to deliver orders precisely on time.


Easy Return Policy.

  • As a loyal customer we want you to be satisfied with your purchase experience with us, so we provide return policy. If, for any reason, you decide not to keep the diamond, we will accept it back in its original condition.


Preferred Shipping
and Insurance.

  • Once you have ordered, rest assured, the next procedures of packaging, insurance to the point of delivery and the shipping itself will be impeccably taken care of.

  • We charge shipping either from Hong Kong or Belgium or New York (as per the physical location of stone) to your preferable location.

Our Manufacturing Excellence derived from