• The New Europeans were designed to ameliorate the Old Europeans - retaining the big flashes, whilst adding small flashes.
  • The New Europeans were designed with advanced 3D software and ray tracing analysis- increasing light performance and visual appeal.
  • 21st Century instruments allows us to craft the New Europeans to optimum symmetry and polish with laser-precision.
  • The New Europeans produce the perfect balance of fire, brilliance and scintillation.
The Sirius Star® Collection is the New Europeans.
Canadian Master Diamond Cutter Mike Botha is the creator of Sirius Star®, the world’s brightest diamond®.
An internationally acclaimed master diamond cutter, with five decades in the profession, Mike’s training and subsequent career began in South Africa and has led him to Russia and Canada – from Vancouver to the Northwest Territories to Saskatchewan.
  • The use of the most advanced software and instrumentation during the re-imagination of the Old Europeans resulted in the Sirius Star® Collection- eclipsing the modern brilliants.
  • The New Europeans are crafted to optimal precision in proportions, symmetry and polish. Optimal facet definition produces a new paradigm for light performance.
  • This New European is cut to the most accurate tolerances for proportion, symmetry and angle resulting in a new paradigm for optimal light. It is also a rare exclusive accuracy combined with complexity.
The Sirius Star® Diamond Collection claims the 4B’s
The Sirius Star® Collection eliminates light leakage common to the modern brilliants. The precise pavilion configuration and facet placement results in a wider angle of light return. This increased light return surpasses that of the modern round brilliants.
  • Sirius Star® Diamonds look visually bigger due to even light distribution through all of the crown facets.
  • In other modern brilliants, light distribution is restricted to the table and crown main facets.
  • Creates a wider arc for light to return.
Light Return Arc
Sirius Star®
Round Brilliant
  • No light leakage when compared to a modern brilliant.
  • Diamond visually look bigger compare to the a modern brilliant of same diameter.
The Sirius Star® Collection requires the skills of master diamond cutters at the pinnacle of their craft to create each Sirius Star® Diamond. The exclusivity of this diamond will fascinate wearer with the feeling of being special.
  • The Sirius Star® Collection consists of a range patented diamond shapes.
  • “The World’s Brightest Diamond” Trademark.
  • Canadian Cutting Parameters & Precision.
  • Differentiated product - Outshines competition and comparision.
  • Number 8 represents old Roman culture.
  • The Sirius Star® Cut Grade parameters were developed in collaboration with AGS Laboratories.
  • Each Sirius Star® Diamond comes with a Diamond Time-Lapse provenance guarantee.
An attractive design of the Sirius Star® comes with a Light Performance Card to easily differentiate your piece of jewel from others. All Sirius Star® diamond have Big Flashes to lure the eyes towards its beauty which outshines any other diamond which makes you to appear bolder.
  • Big Flash on the crown gives Bolder appearance reminiscent of the Old Europeans.
  • Every diamond comes with smart pocket card report of light performance.
  • QR code scanning enables consumer to verify the diamond profile.
  • An extensive library of material to support all marketing and adverting initiatives.
The Sirius Star® Collection is available exclusively through brick-and-mortar jewellery retailers- and is not sold through pure play internet retailers. The Sirius Star® Diamond Collection offers jewellery retailers:
  • Assurance - cut exclusively from only natural mined, conflict-free diamonds.
  • Differentiation - a diamond that outperforms all its modern counterparts.
  • Innovation - a diamond that is superior in terms of light performance - fire, optical symmetry and brilliance
  • Exclusivity - a diamond that is not discounted en-masse everywhere.
  • Availability - a selection of shapes, sizes, colour and clarities available along with a dedicated special order program.
  • Profitability - a diamond that is a competitively priced premium product.
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Provenance Journey
Every Sirius Star® Diamond is responsibly-sourced, and ethically crafted with great care by a hand-picked team of diamond artisans supported by an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
Our people are our greatest asset. A dedicated focus on skill transfer and training is ensured for all our people continue their personal development and continual drive to operational improvements.
We encourage all our people to maintain the perfect work-life balance by fostering an atmosphere that is conducive of joy and celebration at the very core of our enterprise.
Experience our desire to demonstrate authenticity, transparency and traceability of the Sirius Star diamond with the Diamond Time-Lapse Report.
Responsible Sourcing
Chain of Custody
Conflict Free
Diamond Journey
Natural Assurance
A Diamond Provenance Journey


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