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Over the past 4 decades, DDPL has built an incredible foundation as the brand worldwide that maximizes a diamond's brilliance. The singular motivation to create a Special Cut Diamond is to ultimately add value at the retailing level.

This exceptional line-up for proprietary shapes gives an opportunity to transform business in the Special Cut segment, allowing our retailers to reach more people around the world faster, while also enhancing the experience they offer to consumers.

The ability to deliver in achieving the desired results as per clients' needs in developing special cuts has led us to a proliferated demand of tailor made cuts.

Canadian Master Diamond Cutter Mike Botha is the creator of Sirius Star®, the world's brightest diamond. An internationally acclaimed master diamond cutter, with five decades in the profession, Mike's training and subsequent career began in South Africa and has led him to Russia and Canada - from Vancouver to the Northwest Territories to Saskatchewan.

We Brings a Stellar Range of Sirius Star®

The World's Brightest Diamonds

Padma (Lotus) is indisputably the most beautiful flower in this world which is admired for its sheer elegance and sanctity. This modern cut in diamonds called "Padma", inspired by the very flower, is crafted keeping in mind absolute brilliance and perfectness of Lotus and both share a striking resemblance in their alluring design and splendor.

The Beauty of Padma is Faceted in Two Diamond Shapes.

The ancient world had seven wonders that reveal how human race has traditionally been inclined towards producing wonders through their art and skill, likewise inspired by these wonders of the planet, this special cut diamond is formed through proclivity to create marvel of gem called 7 Hearts, which is a spectacular diamond that engenders prodigious fire and reflects purity of Love & Grace.

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